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Cnet writes Chinese shopping site Weibo has posted prices for three iPhone 7 models, with storage tiers starting at 32GB -- twice the capacity of the current entry-level iPhone models. In 2014, Apple doubled the top two tiers of the iPhone from 32GB and 64GB to 64GB and 128GB (and kept pricing the same). Earlier this year, analyst firm Trendforce predicted that the iPhone 7 would support 256GB of storage space, matching the iPad Pro and offering lots more room for apps and videos.

In addition, Apple has been awarded a US patent for a system that can force an iPhone into disabling video-recording functions at concert venues. The system uses infrared signals to send messages to your phone to tell it to shut down video recording. Apple's patent illustration shows a phone at a concert with the words "recording disabled" on screen.

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iPad Mini 4 : Check Out Whats in The Store

Te iPad Mini 4 is a tinier, slightly less powerful iPad Air 2. That's basically all you need to know about this tablet, the 7.9-inch screen model which has been available since October 2015. I started sitting down the Mini 4 again, carrying it around every day in my bag, reading books -- even using it to do work. This, after using Apple's 9.7-inch iPad Pro as my general new go-to tablet. I even wrote this review on it. Which...wasn't fun.

In a world of larger phones and more-capable hybrid laptops and tablets, the iPad Mini feels less relevant than it used to. And while it's the best of Apple's small iPads, with a still-really-nice design, it's not the tablet I'd choose to carry around anymore. And Apple's iPad pricing no longer favors it.

Since I first reviewed it last year, Apple has adjusted the pricing in its iPad line, pitting the iPad Air 2 as an identically priced alternative. And with that value change in mind, I wanted to ask the question: Is the Mini 4 a tablet you should still consider?

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How to Make a Free Website (Free Hosting Free Domain)

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